Years ago as a young designer I took a photo of some hand painted signage for a Tyre Repair shop in the middle of a small town called Bulwer in the Southern Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa. The text was very crude but at the same time very intricate – clearly done by a local untrained artist or perhaps the owner of the shop himself – short on materials, resources and budget – he hand painted his sign with a fat paint brush directly on to the wall of his store. From the photo I traced the letters and then proceeded to make up the rest of the missing font suite. At the time I was using Fontographer which was a great font styling program. I recently stumbled across the font and it brought back many memories of me painstakingly crafting those vector points and fiddling with kerning for each letter. Maybe it’s time to find a new font program and bring this font into the 21st century!
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